I'm proud to be from Oakville for so many reasons, not the least of which is because we have a strong, fair and compassionate mayor in Rob Burton. Oakville is an awesome town, let's keep Rob working for us."

Adam Van Koeverden
Oakville Olympian, Kayak Gold and Silver Medalist

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What Rob's working on for you now…

At Oakville's 200th anniversary our town will be more livable and sustainable than ever
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With trusted leadership and experience
We're creating Canada's most livable town
Oakville's future as Canada's most livable town is bright if we keep achieving our three main goals, as set out in our Town's Vision 2057 Plan and unanimously adopted by Council.
  1. More good governance
    • We will control growth, debt and taxes to only what fits environmentally and economically.
    • We'll keep roads and facilities renewal and maintenance efficient and effective.
    • We'll ensure there are no glitches in the opening and affordability of the new hospital
  2. More great facilities
    • We'll build three new community centres for the areas around Kerr Street, the old hospital and North Park.
    • We'll create plans for the renewal of the downtown library and theatre complex to be ready for infrastructure grants for the 2017 celebrations of Canada's 150th birthday.
    • We'll rebuild our downtown streetscape and revitalize our business districts.
  3. More time, prosperity and a greener town

      our town
      our way
    • We'll save time for drivers and riders with our fully-funded traffic and transit investment plan for smoother travel.
    • We'll keep protecting and developing employment lands for even more job growth.
    • We'll continue tree planting for a cleaner, greener town to reach the goal of 40% canopy by our Town's 200th birthday.
Results from Mayor Rob Burton's first two terms show you can trust him to control growth and debt and taxes, save green space and heritage, and keep up with our infrastructure and jobs lands needs, just as he promised the first time and every time he's asked for your vote.
Rob Burton is a leader who delivers on his promises — you can trust him to do what he says.


Star in 2014

"Incumbent Rob Burton is among the best mayors in the Greater Toronto Area. He’s a staunch defender of Ontario’s green belt and has successfully eased this city’s unbridled growth. Burton has also worked to improve Oakville’s waterfront, overseen transportation improvements, expanded the city’s tree cover and has provided tax restraint. This effective leader deserves re-election."

Toronto Star
Oct. 24, 2014

Star in 2010

"Burton has been an effective and responsible mayor. He has taken firm steps to control Oakville’s growth and has raised development fees. He also boosted city services, especially the fire department, while keeping tax increases moderate. And Burton proposes reasonable borrowing to help cover the city’s $200 million share of a planned new hospital’s cost. ... Burton offers a sound, realistic approach to the city’s needs. Oakville is better off with him in office."

Toronto Star
Oct. 21, 2010

The Beaver in 2014…

Our endorsement

"Burton hit the campaign trail hard. His hefty bid for the mayor’s office demonstrates his unwavering interest in the town. He has a track record and voters know him.

We believe Oakville residents would be best served by re-electing Burton based on his experience at the table."

Oakville Beaver Editorial
October 17, 2014

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