Saving heritage
and greenspace

Keeping facilities
up with needs

Supporting jobs
and prosperity

Controling growth,
debt, and taxes

Rob's vision…

Protecting Oakville's future
as Canada's most livable town

Oakville voters gave Rob a massive mandate renewal in 2014 to show support for his program to: 
  • make Oakville Canada's most livable town, and
  • make Halton Canada’s most sustainable region.
Rob's top 5 goals are:
  1. control growth, debt and taxes to only what fits economically and environmentally
  2. protect green space and the environment
  3. create community facilities to meet the needs of the community
  4. beautify Oakville's downtown with upgrade plans for streetscape and cultural facilities
  5. make traffic flow with digital intelligence for transit and smart traffic signals for demand timing

Mayor Burton is the founder of YTV. His career as a businessman and entrepreneur, director and producer in film, TV, and journalism prepared him for his success as Oakville's 45th mayor.

As Mayor, he is proud of his 14 groundbreaking initiatives to protect the built and cultural and natural environment and the health, safety and finances of the community:
  1. the 124,000 acre preserved greenspace of the Oakville and Halton Natural Heritage Systems,
  2. the Town Energy Management Plan,
  3. the Health Protection Air Quality By-law,
  4. the new-from-the-ground-up official plans Livable Oakville and Sustainable Halton,
  5. the Oakville Climate Change Adaptation Plan,
  6. the North Oakville Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan,
  7. the Emerald Ash Borer Management Program,
  8. the Performance-Based Program Budgeting (PB2),
  9. the Downtown Cultural Hub Master Plan,
  10. the Downtown Streetscape Plan,
  11. the Downtown Parking Strategy,
  12. the Business Area Improvement Plans,
  13. the Oakville Economic Development Strategy,
  14. and Vision 2057, to unite all Town planning in one vision.

Our top 10 successes…

  1. We saved green space totaling half of Halton Region and 30% of North Oakville.
  2. We cut Oakville's rate of growth — it was 130% higher before Rob.
  3. We control growth to only what fits economically and environmentally.
  4. Our popular plans are delivering 4 new rec centres and renewing our classic downtown.
  5. We've caught up with need by doubling town facilities, all on budget, all on time, without big tax hikes.
  6. We developed new non-tax revenues that made possible Oakville's new hospital.
  7. We keep Oakville's total tax increases at or below inflation.
  8. We increased transit ridership 25% by creating a grid system in place of the old radial, hub and spoke system.
  9. We reduced tax-supported debt by 83% and we plan to eliminate it.
  10. Our Oakville is now recognized as the most financially healthy municipality (in a 2015 book by U of T Economist Enid Slack - click here for details).

Why Rob Burton is Oakville's mayor

To keep Oakville on the right path…

Mayor Rob Burton says 

our todays make our tomorrows

Rob's Livable Oakville vision has delivered great results for you and your family:
  • We have the healthiest finances of any municipality. Is Your City Healthy? Measuring Urban Fiscal Health, a 2015 book by U of T Professor Enid Slack, Canada's top academic expert on municipal finances, singles out Oakville as having the highest fiscal health, 32% stronger than the second place city (Page 195). Municipal services as a per cent of household income are less than 4%, the lowest in the Province, and much less than Provincial and/or Federal income and sales taxes are as a portion of household income.
  • We are controlling growth. The rate of growth before Rob became mayor was 130% higher than it is now. When growth is out of control it causes tax increases. That's because since 1998 growth fees are not able to capture all the costs of new infrastructure. With Rob controlling growth, we have had taxes rising 20% less than inflation for all of the last four year term of Council. Rob will continue to only allow growth that fits environmentally and economically.
  • We are OMB winners now. To control growth we have to be strong at the OMB. Rob has turned Oakville into a winner at the OMB.
    We've won 67% of our cases at the OMB in Rob's first 8 years as mayor — the previous mayor lost 75% of her cases at the OMB in the 8 years before Rob was mayor.
  • We are catching up on long overdue facilities. Many are complete and active. We have plans to complete the rest of what we've been missing. We have exciting and affordable plans for new community centres for areas across town that still don't have them.
  • We are controlling property taxes - the average increase for the last four years has been 20% lower than inflation.
    The average tax increase was 57% higher than inflation in the four years before Rob became mayor. We are making huge progress.
    Our tax rates are lower than our neighbouring cities of Burlington and Mississauga. Our tax rates used to be higher than in Mississauga when Rob became our mayor. We are making growth charges capture all the costs of growth the law allows.
    Oakville growth fees were far below what's permitted before Rob became mayor. Now Oakville leads in making growth pay its way. This keeps tax increases down.
  • We are cutting debt paid for by taxpayers by more than half so far. We now aim to use debt only when we have other sources of revenues to carry it instead of taxpayers. This, too, helps keep tax increases down by reducing the burden of debt from taxpayers.
  • We are creating new revenues from green energy and other projects that carry the cost of our donation of $130 million to our new hospital when it reached substantial completion. We'll keep reducing pressure on taxes by continuing to create more non-tax revenues for your town.
  • We are saving green space totalling 124,000 square kilometers so far. We have saved 80% of the Merton Lands as green space, too. We have a plan to fight to save the rest as well.
  • We are increasing our tree canopy every year with tree-planting and tree protections that are state-of-the-art.
    We will reach our goal of 40% tree canopy by our town's 200th anniversary in 2057.
  • We are keeping the Town mowed, planted and plowed better than it has ever been in its history.
  • Your mobility is improving, thanks to big investments in transit and roads. The QEW is wider. The GO trains run twice as often. A recent study showed we have the least congestion in the GTA.
    We have more buses and more bus routes. We have major roads and bridges planned and funded to keep improving your ability to get around.
  • Rob's unanimously adopted job creation plan produces an average of 1,000 new jobs a year. Before he became mayor upwards of 500 hectares (1,235 acres) of employment land were converted to residential land to profit developer friends of the previous mayor. Prime locations for 25,000 jobs and $12 million a year in business property taxes were thrown away forever by the previous mayor.
    Since Rob has been mayor, no employment land has been converted to residential.
    Rob fought and won two OMB battles to ensure that didn’t happen.
  • We have plans to revitalize our famous downtown with a new streetscape and renewed cultural facilities to make our downtown the magnet it needs to be to survive and thrive.
Rob has a vision and a plan for a better future for a more Livable Oakville and it's working.
Now, we are the people and this is the time in our history when we are making the important, long-lasting moves for our town’s future as Canada's most livable town. See Rob's key objectives for the future of our town by clicking to see his Program page here.
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