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Rob Burton
380 Aspen Forest Drive
Oakville, ON
L6J 6H5
Vmail: 905-338-1200
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Mayor Rob Burton
380 Aspen Forest Drive
Oakville, ON
L6J 6H5
Vmail: 905-338-1762

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Councillor Duddeck at Busker Fest

Mayor Rob Burton enjoys learning first hand from Members of Council in their wards (here with Ward 2 Region and Town Councillor Cathy Duddeck at Kerr St. "Busker Fest").

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Rob consults

Mayor Rob Burton has created two great methods of public consultation

  • CLRT—Every month, Rob hosts a Friday morning Community Leaders Round Table (CLRT) breakfast meeting. Representatives from Oakville's groups and associations of residents bring questions and issues to share with each other and the Mayor.
  • MAGs—Rob creates Mayor's Advisory Groups (MAGs) to provide him with research and advice on issues or problems. If you would like to lead or be part of a MAG, here is a list of what Rob's MAGs to date have covered: 
    1. Air Traffic Noise
    2. Consumer Waste
    3. Creative Oakville
    4. Lobbying Rules
    5. Naturalized Trails
    6. Palm Place
    7. Private Tree Protection
    8. Residential Solar Financing
    9. Sustainability/ICSP
    10. Summer Festival
    11. Uniform Public Notice
    12. Ward One Issues/Concerns

Rob calls his approach to public consultation, "Engage & Expand".

"Only when we engage with each other and expand our mutual understanding of a problem or issue can we arrive at a real solution," Rob says. "No problem ever got solved for good with a pre-conceived belief."
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